Testimonials on Pandeli Lazaridi's Teaching

Not all voice teachers are alike ...

The following letters from students, teachers, or parents show what a remarkable approach Pandeli Lazaridi has developed and how he has changed the lives of many aspiring singers. These letters represent only a small sampling of the many students he has had. After studying with many teachers and in many countries, some of these students finally get the breakthrough they have been looking for and the chance to develop their full potential as singers.

Take the time to read these testimonials and understand what other students have experienced.

San Diego City Schools
Herbert Hoover High School
4474 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA 92115-4397

March 29, 1998

Dear Pandeli Lazaridi:

Thank you for your expansive and active participation in Hoover High School's Graduating Class of 1998's "Panorama Spectacular Variety Show." This First Annual event has clearly set a precedent of professionalism because of your mastery in the finer art of music instruction, choreography and staging direction. You invested long hours organizing the musical performances before the event and then gave even more on the day of performance. It is with the highest praise and respect that we at Hoover High School look forward to working with you again.

On the day of our Variety Show, you arrived early, brought all of the necessary equipment and then set up the entire sound system and staging single-handedly. You were so beautifully accepting during all of the "craziness" that can occur when directing students in a final dress rehearsal. You were aware of even the finest detail of pre-production while able to give your full attention to each question that arose. We had students and performers from all across San Diego arriving at different times and with each entrance you were able to calmly and grarefully position each actor. Most impressive was your ability to work with Hoover students in a Mentoring capacity. You did not simple "direct." You took the time throughout the day to teach each student the finer nuances of performing, singing, staging, and sound technology. Not only did the audience benefit from a spectacular show; innumerable students learned more from you in this one day than many learn in a lifetime.

In closing, I wish to say once again thank you and it is with the highest praise and respect that we at Hoover look forward to working with you again. Your promotion of the growth and development of singing talent in San Diego County is remarkable and admirable. You have proven yourself a committed partner to our community and in the education of our youth - tomorrow's future. If we can do anything to support your work or goals, feel free to notify us at any time.


Lauriann Stanley, M.A.
Mentor Teacher
Class of 1998, Senior Advisor

Dr. Doris Alvarez
Principal, Hoover High School

July 16, 2001

This letter is to confirm my unequivocal recommendation of Pandeli Lazaridi as an outstanding voice instructor and opera coach, as well as a gifted performer and personal mentor. I have worked with several conductors and studied under many voice teachers, all over Europe and Japan, as well as in the U.S. I tried five different teachers in San Diego before I met Pandeli. None of them were able to communicate points of technique and expression and bring my voice out in the way that he does. I lived in Florence, Italy for a year, with the express purpose of learning to sing opera. I had two of the best teachers there, affiliated with high-level conservatories and opera houses. I had a wonderful time and learned so much, it seemed a tragedy when my husband's work brought us back to the U.S. But I think now of that year I spent with them and wonder how much better I would be if I had spent that year working with Pandeli in boring old San Diego instead.

I have watched him take raw, damaged, or totally untrained voices and not only bring them under control, but expose their beauty and individuality--in pop or musical theatre style as well as with classical operatic technique. There are students coming from Japan to spend a week or two working intensively with Pandeli--and I made friends with one gifted woman who took notes frantically through every lesson so that she wouldn't forget any of the valuable instruction she was receiving. I have also seen a professional opera singer, after one consultation, humbly asking to be fit in to Pandeli's schedule for more training. I am at his studio six days a week, watching other people's lessons and joining every group class, to absorb as much as I can.

To put it simply, I can think of no one more able to nurture and protect the voice while pushing it to achieve its full potential.

April Fisher, Mezzo-Soprano

November 4, 2010

Pandeli is a kind and thoughtful instructor, and it's been fun to watch my wife learn to sing. Pandeli's got a great ear not only for music, but for what the singer says about themselves. My wife improves every week, and Pandeli tailors the lessons to what she can do in that lesson. If she's had dental surgery, then Pandeli works with her to improve her lungs instead of insisting on songs that will hurt her mouth.

Pandeli is also fun to talk to. He's been everywhere, done everything, and has the stories to match. So singing is not just part of his life - a task to cross off our bucket list - singing is Pandeli's way to express the joy and sorrows of life. Pandeli's best skill is not teaching you how to sing. His best skill is knowing how to teach you to reach into yourself and sing your own stories.

David Blyth

Sometimes one relationship may not be working, and you may need to find another. "I began taking voice lessons as a freshman at a southern university with a 'name' teacher," wrote Lisa Goldberg. "Her career had been prolific, but I had never sung and desperately wanted to be taught After months of unproductive sing-this-song-until-it-sounds-good lessons, she told me the only reason she had accepted me as a student was because she needed hours for tenure. I decided to find a teacher who believed in my abilities, and I found that teacher in Pandeli Lazaridi. Mr. Lazaridi studied at the National Conservatory in Greece and later went on to perform, compete, and win many national competitions. When he heard me sing he said, 'You have a good instrument, but you have no idea how to use it.' He gave me a six-month scholarship, and we worked five days a week for two hours a day. At the end of my six months, I auditioned for music programs, was accepted at all but one of them, had offers for full or partial scholarships from two schools, and am now in my third semester as a music student at California State University Northridge. Without Mr. Lazaridi's generosity and immeasurable knowledge and patience, I would not now be in the position to say that yes, I AM a singer."

Lisa Goldberg

My name is Gizelxanath Rodriguez. I am a Mezzo-Soprano and I have been studying opera for four years. I come from Mexicali Bc. Mexico. My dreams of becoming a singer started there, in the desert with my father, and his sisters playing the guitar and always making life so easy and beautiful. It was in the year 1997 when I decided to leave to a conservatory in Tijuana to study opera for the first time.

My time at the conservatory was exactly what I needed.. Unfortunately an economical break down at the school forced students to look for other ways to study. I took the decision to leave to go Austria not knowing much about voice but always hungry for knowledge and adventure. I learned so much! I had the opportunity to find out that my voice was not ready and I got an idea on how to fix it.

Upon my return to the U.S. I kept looking for a good teacher that would help me develop my vocal abilities. I encountered many teachers. I tried with all my heart traveling long distances to take lessons with very frustrating results. One day by pure coincidence I read an article in the newspaper that said: " Auditions 'Opera workshops'" with recitals following being performed at a local theater.

I auditioned for the director, Pandeli Lazaridi, an honorable man. He accepted me as his student and became the guide and the light that I needed in my life. Two years of hard training with Mr. Lazaridi has given me such a technique and understanding about handling my breathing control and my voice, that I accomplished things that I would have never thought would be possible. He made things so easy to understand. His exercises were so effective and so powerful that every lesson became an amazing expenence.

As a result things started happening in my singing career. In October of 2001 I won an encouragement award from the Metropolitan Opera competitions in San Diego. On July 28th I was chosen from many good singers that auditioned for the main role as Serafina for the opera Serafina y Arcangela by Enrique Gonzalez Medina presented in the Cultural Center in Tijuana Bc. Mexico. Thanks to maestro Pandeli Lazaridi, I had an incredible response from the audience, the critics and the producers of the opera. I was also accepted in "il Teatro a Cagli," a theatre in Italy where they make Opera productions. My time studying with Pandeli Lazaridi has given me the right tools to take part in auditions with more confidence than ever because of the solid and incredible technique he has taught me. I hope Pandeli Lazaridi would be recognized for his tremendous knowledge and his incredible ear for recognizing the correct sounds of a voice and more important for being able to bring the best sounds out of the singers that he trains.

Gizelxanath Rodriquez

June 5, 2001

How can I ever begin to thank you enough for all you have done for me? I have tried to work with other voice teachers in the past. Each time I became frustrated with the lack of progress or ended up with a severe sore throat. I could tell that the method I was being taught was not right for me. When I began working with you I knew that I had found my voice teacher .

I found immediate improvement in my voice after only a few lessons. The encouragement that you have given me and the confidence that you have helped me to build, in both my vocal and acting abilities, are invaluable. In the individual interview for the Miss Junior Teen San Diego Pageant, one of the judges ask me to sing, I felt like I would faint. Because of the training I got from you, I smiled said of course I could sing and without warming up, without accompaniment and sitting down, I sang "I Could Have Danced All Night." The judges were so impressed that they talked to me for another fifteen minutes.

I know that without you, I would not have been crowned Miss Junior Teen San Diego 2001. Thank you for always being there and encouraging me to be the best I can be.

Tammie J. Hughes

.July 14, 2001

Pandeli Lazaridi is one of the most passionate, dedicated people I have had the privilege of meeting and working with in my music career. I came to San Diego in 1998 not knowing where to even begin to find a voice teacher. I picked up the yellow pages and started going down the list of various schools and private teachers when I was drawn to the Academy of Sound & Music.

From my first lesson I was so impressed by Pandeli's knowledge of the vocal technique. His unorthodox methods of breathing and vocal exercises brought a voice out of me that I had never known I had. The lesson was supposed to be for only an hour but the next student never showed up so we continued on for another hour or more. I don't know of many teachers that would just give you more of their time and energy like that.

For three years now I have been studying voice with Pandeli. He has given so much of his time and often for free. He has opened my mind to so much wonderful music as well as my heart. His passion for music and even more so for teaching has kept me going even on the days when I wonder why I even want to be an Opera singer.

There is so much I owe to Pandeli that I don't think I can ever repay him. His dreams and goals have been so inspirational to me. I wish that I myself could help give him the financial support that his school needs to realize his vision of creating a school here in San Diego where people from all over the world would gather to create art for the enjoyment of all. When I do make a name for myself in the Opera world, I intend to give a generous donation to the Academy of Sound & Music and to the Lazarideus Foundation. There is no doubt in my mind that they will both be going strong because of the undying dedication and love that Pandeli puts into them. But once again no matter how large my donation it would never equal what Pandeli has given to me.

I don't know what would have become of my voice or passion for music if I had not come across that advertisement in the yellow pages, but I am grateful that I won't ever have to find out.

Nichole Candileri

September 16, 2001

It was two years ago that I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Pandeli Lazaridi for the first time. I was looking for a new voice teacher after about a four-month hiatus from singing. He offered me his first free introductory lesson, no strings attached, which he does with everyone, and at that moment I knew that this was the teacher who really cared and could help me improve my voice.

Mr. Lazaridi has very unique ways of bringing the voice out and placing it correctly. I have been with him only a short time and have seen tremendous growth in my voice, as well as the voices of other opera singers he has trained. He is a great person and has a passion to teach which I have seen in very few other teachers. It has occurred a number of times here a student has not shown up after one of my lessons and he has given me their time free of charge. He wants his students to succeed and understand voice. He also gives incredible amount of confidence and encourages all of his students to take every singing opportunity they can get.

In March of 2001 I decided to audition on a whim for CCT's production of Camelot. He had received an audition notice and encouraged me to go. After three callbacks, and many singing and acting tips, I was cast as Mordred. It was an incredible experience and I owe a lot of that to Mr. Lazaridi.

Pandeli has given me confidence, taught me how the voice works, and has helped me bring it out of its shell. He has passion for teaching and making his students want to understand the voice and how it works. It gives me pleasure to recommend him to any inquiring student.

Benjamin Lopez

August 13, 2001

One of my favorite words is "passion,", which is defined as "any intense emotion or feeling." Singing is my greatest passion in life, and I have the honor of studying voice with Pandeli Lazaridi - the quintessential instructor of music embodied with passion. It has been three years since I began taking lessons from Pandeli, and every time I sing I notice the results and impact he has had on my voice.

I have been singing and dancing for over 19 years, and have performed and trained in 9 countries around the world. Many of the instructors I have worked with are internationally acclaimed, and I am certain Mr. Lazaridi will be the next phenomenon to impact the music world. He has a very special and unique understanding of the human voice and the ability to relate that to students, which transcends any other coach I have known. Not only does Pandeli have the talent to train students in classical opera, but also in styles of pop, Broadway, gospel, jazz. Anything a voice might sing!!

Until I met Pandeli, I had always been a dancer who sang. But now, he has taken my mediocre instrument and formed it to make me a true singer. Because of Pandeli's incredible assistance, I was able to capture the title of Miss San Diego 2001 and also receive top awards for vocal perfonnance at the Miss California Pageant.

Without the help, support and encouragement of Pandeli Lazaridi, I would not have been able to accomplish so many of my goals. Nor would it be so easy to challenge and push myself to new levels. It is a blessing to have Pandeli in our lives, and I know he will touch many others through the Lazarideus Foundation and his school the Academy of Sound and Music. He is a real treasure of San Diego.

Andria M. Elam, Soprano
Miss San Diego 2001

August 1, 2001

We would and have recommended Pandeli Lazaridi and the Academy to many of our friends. While his classes are singer specific and his techniques are concentrated on each individual, they are designed to protect the vocal instrument and encourage each student.

Our daughter, Jenifer, had left a coach after nearly four years and we were looking for someone to help her regain some of the range she seemed to have lost. We knew that she needed to rebuild her self-confidence and that she wanted to increase her "belt" power. We thought she had lost some of her range and much of her desire by the time we came to the Academy. Pandeli Lazaridi took her through a class and she left that evening inspired and eager to return. Jenifer began classes and in the short time of exercises and singing, she has begun achieving her goals. The most important thing that has occurred during this time is the confidence Jenifer has gained and the excitement she displays. We give all the credit to Pandeli and his unwavering support of his singers.

We have been privileged to watch and hear his opera, pop, and musical theatre singers, and his enthusiasm is definitely contagious. At the same time, he is very aware of the singers and their frailties, so he tries to make sure they are not singing in a damaging way. He takes the time to inform the singers about the importance of their instruments and how they must take care of their voices. Until she met Pandeli, Jenifer never really thought about the physical side of singing. Now she is doing breathing exercises and is more aware of the consequences of her vocal behavior .

We are at the Academy three to four days a week either for classes or showcases and Jenifer is talking about being able to come more often to "just help out." In less than two months, she has progressed farther than she had in the last year. We know this is a direct result of the training and encouragement given by Pandeli Lazaridi. We anticipate a long association with him and the Academy.

Henry and Sally Noriega

August 28, 2001

The purpose of this letter is to confirm my recommendation of Mr. Pandeli Lazaridi as a superior music teacher and vocal coach as well as to highly endorse his vision for the Academy of Sound and Music.

Under Mr. Lazaridi's vocal training I have experienced considerable improvement in my voice as a tenor within a short period of six months. Mr Lazaridi's instruction is like no other. His innovative techniques of style, placement, breathing and performance are certainly unmatched in developing and preserving the voice.

Not only is Mr. Lazaridi's professionalism aa a teacher, coach, mentor, as well as a talented performer indispensible, he is a gentlemen of distinguished quality, whose character and conduct reflect the attitude of genuine devotion to what he believes holds great value: the human spirit and the human voice.

If I could describe Mr. Lazaridi in one word, that word would be dedication. Mr Lazaridi is a dedicated teacher who consciously and consistently challenges each or his students to become the very best she or he can be, both as a vocal performer and as a human being. I have had the privilege to listen to Mr. Lazaridi's dream and vision for his Academy of Sound and Music school in which not only is the need for exceptional vocal and theater arts training and performance within the San Diego area articulated but it is his earnest desire to create an institution where children through adult are equally inspired to train and utilize their talents in the performing arts.

I strongly believe in the future plans for the Academy and can think or no other person who is more qualified, more dedicated, and more driven in making his dream become a reality, while preserving the musical culture of our fair city, than Mr. Pandeli Lazaridi.

Roderick S. Gray

August 13, 2001

Pandeli Lazaridi is an exceptional music instructor who deserves all the support he can get in helping to educate students in voice, drama, composition, and music theory. I first came to him to improve my voice for my amateur singing of Scots Gaelic songs. I learned how I was not using my voice correctly as he trained my muscles to adapt new habits that would lead to greater volume and sweetness. I am positively amazed at the kinds of sounds that I can produce today compared to when I started several years ago.

I have also studied some music theory and composition with Mr. Lazaridi. He has brought me new inspiration as a composer, helping to free my musical imagination, and has opened up a world of arranging sounds and instruments in new ways that I hadn't thought of.

As an aspiring fiddler, I have found great advice and encouragement from Mr. Lazaridi. I have received harsh treatment from four violin teachers during my development. Mr. Lazaridi has given me the greatest support and positive feedback of any music teacher I have ever had. He nourishes the soul of the person instead of focusing on technique alone.

The performance opportunities provided have produced some of the most beautiful and moving musical experiences I have ever had. Mr. Lazaridi creates a magical atmosphere in which people are comfortable in expressing their feelings and connecting with an audience in an intimate, chamber space. He accepts performers from all walks of life, from many different cultural backgrounds, and from all ages from 7 to 70. He brings in talent agents and producers who can help people find work performing and sharing their talents with the world. Mr. Lazaridi provides an ideal nurturing environment for talented people who want to improve their abilities and realize their full potential. Mr. Lazaridi has certainly changed my life and helped me to sustain my vision of myself as a musical performer. I would like to see him continue to thrive and create a positive effect on more and more people.

Susan Self

14th August 2001.

Pandeli Lazaridi's passion for music and the voice is contagious, and is borne out by the time he devotes to working with his students, and the relentless effort he puts into promoting San Diego musicians and singers through free recitals and talent shows at the Academy of Sound and Music.

I came to Pandeli Lazaridi one and a half years ago with no singing background whatsoever. I write music and play guitar and wanted to be able to sing my own songs, but I didn't have the voice or the confidence to use it at the time.

Even at the very first lesson, I was amazed at how Pandeli brought my voice out. Meeting him gave me a renewed drive to develop my own musical career. Since then I have attended private and group lessons with Pandeli. My voice has developed beyond what I thought possible in 18 months. I have now moved to the opera class and have even performed arias at the Lazarideus Foundation's opera night, something I couldn't have imagined myself doing before! I don't think any other teacher could have done this.

Pandeli's lessons are never boring and formulaic. He adjusts his approach for each individual, finding the most effective method for that particular student. I have never seen another teacher of music or anything else who had such an amazing ability to sense the best way to approach and communicate with different personalities. Not only does he teach excellent vocal technique, he also teaches breathing and relaxation and encourages the confidence necessary for singers to produce the most beautiful sounds possible while performing. I come out of his lessons thoroughly invigorated.

Pandeli Lazaridi is the only person I've met since coming to San Diego who really has this true passion and enthusiasm for music and teaching, and who devotes so much energy and time to encouraging, training and promoting San Diego musicians and singers. He possesses that combination of abilities that is all too rare - being a gifted performer and an excellent teacher. I believe he is vital to developing San Diego as an important musical center.

Jessica Morrison

August 12, 2001

I am a beginner in the field of vocal training. I studied some 25 years ago and at that time I gave up, due to throat congestion. I have recently started singing again with a strong desire to stay with it this time. Pandeli has been instrumental in my decision due to his tremendous and acute understanding of the voice and how it works.

His technique has taken me to a much higher level in a very short period of time. Past instructors have lacked the ability to really explore the voice and push what I thought were my limits, getting me to push harder and higher .

The Lazarideus Foundation and the Academy of Sound and Music is a much needed training facility for local talent as well as talent from outside the area to congregate, train and improve to a very professional level.

Pandeli's versatility caters to all levels and styles of vocal training which lends to a larger arena of voice students, versus only teaching one style which reduces the number of students that could train at the academy. Pandeli has dedicated himself to the betterment of local talent, a service which is greatly needed in the San Diego area. Given the right circumstance, along with the ability to expand the school, I see the Academy of Sound and Music becoming a world wide attraction for people from all over the world to have the opportunity to study with Pandeli and his instructors. He has within him a relentless pursuit of creating a unique, valuable and much needed training facility.

Gerald C. Henrick

August 25, 2001

My 13-year-old daughter, Denise Grundland, started taking voice lessons with Pandeli Lazaridi in February 2000. The exercises, tips, and lessons help her in conquering new challenges each time. She has turned from a shy girl with a little voice into a self-confident young lady who owns a voice with an ever-growing range. All this is thanks to Mr. Lazaridi.

Earlier this year, Denise had her Bat Mitzvah. Her performance was flawless thanks in part to the lessons she has received at the Academy of Sound and Music. In the near future, Denise will participate in several auditions with the intention of being part of musical performances.

Also, Mr. Lazaridi constantly encourages my daughter and gives her advice on how to present herself, how to speak, how to participate in auditions, and other important subjects.

I recommended Mr. Lazaridi to Ms. Rhonda Schonberger for her daughter Shaina and to Ms. Jan Scherer. They both expressed their thanks for the recommendations telling me that the lessons are "life-changing." I will continue recommending Mr. Lazaridi as he is one of my daughter's best teachers.

Vera Pienknagura
M.A. Educational Technology
Instructional Designer

August 18, 2001

Since our introduction to Pandeli Lazaridi, our experience has been exhilarating. Kira has aspired to be a Singing Artist since she was young. Now she believes it is well within her reach. With his instruction, coaching, and exercise methods Kira's voice has improved measurably. The change and continual growth has brought her voice to new heights. With Pandeli's continual support and encouragement, Kira is given courage, strength and stamina.

Pandeli is opening her heart and mind in such a way, that now her dreams are very clear. Each day she becomes more focused, reaching towards her goals with confidence. It has affected her entire persona. The confidence gained has created opportunities for three public "solo" appearances. We are looking forward to more. We believe Pandeli's endless dedication has been instrumental in Kira' s growing success.

Pandeli Lazaridi's passion for music and love of humankind is reflected in his perseverance and drive to achieve excellence. His energy radiates to all his students and brings out their best. Each student is inspired to return or exceed that energy and pass it on to others.

We have experienced other vocal instructors over the years. None has compared with the professionalism and excellence as seen in Mr. Lazaridi. In short, Mr. Lazaridi has accomplished more in five (5) months as my daughter's vocal coach than her previous teacher had in two years.

Carole Butcher and Kira Butcher

July 22, 2001

It has always been my dream to sing opera songs. I've taken voice lessons under various teachers for some time but have never been able to understand proper voice placement and projection. It was only when I met Pandeli and had two or three lessons from him, that I was able to know the right voice placement and how I could project the songs effectively. Pandeli certainly has a way of drawing out the best in his students. He is an excellent teacher. Pandeli is definitely in league with the great voice teachers who produced singers like Pavarotti, Domingo, Callas, Fleming, etc., who are now gone.

To teach, develop and promote local talents is his passion. Giving him support to carry out this endeavor will ensure perpetuation of world class singers.

Stephen Chan

September 21, 2001

I became acquainted with Pandeli two months ago when I went to observe his group lesson. He spent fifteen minutes with me and demonstrated that I could greatly improve the quality of my voice by observing where the sound was coming from as I sang. I was sure that his technique would be very productive, and I became a regular student with a private weekly lesson. All I ever aspired to was to be able to sing with a little more volume and gain the ability to hold long notes. After 8 lessons, my voice sounds so good I can't believe it. I notice a big improvement every time I go for my lesson. Pandeli has shown me that I have the instrument (the voice), and all I have to do is learn how to use it correctly. I feel a great deal of joy and confidence as I sing now just for the love of it. I am very respectful of Pandeli as a teacher because he is dedicated to bringing his joy in life to other people.

Jan Scherer

July 26, 2001

Mr. Lazaridi has founded the Lazarideus Foundation and also operates the Academy of Sound & Music. He is an outstanding example to his students and associates.

Having attended a variety of classes at the Academy, I find him to be qualified and talented as an instructor. I am amazed at his ability to draw such beautiful sounds out of his students. I was invited to an Opera night presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful music they produced.

His students are all ages, and he challenges them to improve and produce beautiful large full sounds while protecting their voice. He has many gifts and talents in the arts and uses them to enhance his program.

I have taught for twenty years in the public school system. It is not an exaggeration to say, he is a master teacher and mentor. He has a great sense of humor and puts his students at ease. He is flexible, supportive and nurturing to his students. He is an amazing person with many talents.

While attending an Institute in San Diego, I was introduced to Mr. Lazaridi. I was so impressed with his abilities as a teacher and his methods that I am now a student of his. I plan to commute seven and a half hours, often, so that I may continue to improve my voice. I have been looking for a teacher with his qualifications to enhance my voice for many years .

Roberta M. Seno

July 28, 2001

The work of Pandeli Lazaridi is necessary in this challenging and unconscious world we live in. He teaches passionately, enthusiastically, unselfishly, and is by far the most significant person I've met in my short musical journey. It's curious that Mr. Lazaridi works with "classical" music in the first place. His approach, if anything, is unconventional, and it works like magic.

Mr. Lazaridi's exacting dedication to his students' musical progress is impressive and inspiring. It is a privilege, an honor to count myself as one of his pupils. As a novice vocalist, I consider Mr. Lazaridi to be an exceptional musical mentor. He is personable and transparent; his musical knowledge is vast and solid; and his method is well integrated, intuitive and wonderfully cohesive. In short, he is a fantastic human being!!

Furthermore, his commitment to recruiting, training and promoting local talent through the Lazarideus Foundation and the Academy of Sound and Music is not only admirable, it is vital to the preservation of San Diego's cultural and musical patrimony.

I wish Mr. Lazaridi great success in his endeavors and wish to express my appreciation and gratitude through this letter. Thank you, Pandeli. You are a godsend.

Abelardo Bernal

September 3, 20001

A Japanese sage once said: "The one who truly seeks, always finds." I recently moved to San Diego from Geneva, Switzerland. As I've always loved classical music and the opera, I decided to find a good voice teacher.

I was really lucky to find Maestro Pandeli Lazaridi at the Academy of Sound & Music. I have rarely encountered a teacher who is as talented, energetic, ingenious and generous as Maestro Lazaridi. It is a great honor and a privilege to be his student.

I really believe that Maestro Lazaridi is a great asset for the city of San Diego, and I truly hope that city authorities and concerned citizens will do the necessary to support him and the Lazarideus Foundation.

Marjane Aalam

Thursday, August 2, 2001

I started taking voice lessons at the Academy of Sound & Music with Pandeli Lazaridi early this year. Based on my own experience I can tell you that I consider my lessons not only professional and worth the time and money, but I also think that attending my lessons has given me a sense of value to my own self and talent, as well as a responsibility to share it with others. That is what Mr . Lazaridi has taught me. He is the one who has made me believe in myself as a singer and to understand and develop my talent.

Have you ever heard the phrase that says "find something you like so much that you would be willing to do it for free"? Well, I could say this is my own personal thing. Attending the Academy of Sound and Music has made me discover how much I enjoy music and how much I wanted to find an opportunity to grow as a singer. There is something new to each class I attend, a new note I can reach, a new significance to what I do. Knowing there is something special about my voice gives me the greatest sense of fulfillment.

Supporting the Academy of Sound and Music is not only helping a group of people reunited for the love of music. It's a dream come true for many who, like me, are looking for an opportunity to shine up in the sky while they perform in front of an expecting audience.

Alvaro Arroyo