The Lazarideus Foundation, a nonprofit organization, was founded June 16, 1998. Its mission is to preserve San Diego's cultural heritage and further ensure the growth of the arts in San Diego. Today's programs are built upon the original goal of addressing the issues of talented youth in turbulent times, finding and taking action to direct their focus in healthy ways, which will then nurture responsible behavior that will enhance the community and diminish crime.

Since its inception, the Lazarideus Foundation has expanded to included talented men, women, and children of all ages. Programs are designed with the goal of developing the individual skills necessary to take their talents and gifts to a professional level. In doing so, they can pursue a career and become the bright future that will elevate the culture of our society.

The Lazarideus Foundation supports the following functions:
  • Sponsors the Small Opera of San Diego, now known as Lazarideus Small Opera
  • Does fundraising to support the Voice Academy's promising singers
  • Provides venues for performances

Be a sponsor!

Since the Lazarideus Foundation is a nonprofit organization with 501 (c) (3) status, your donations are tax deductible.

Your funds can:

  • Support lessons for talented students
  • Help pay for room and piano rental for performances
  • Enable publicity and promotion for the program

If you are an arts professional, your volunteer services can:

  • Help educate aspiring artists on how to succeed in the arts community
  • Provide a role model for shaping talent
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